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Avon Skin So Soft Original Trio




Bath oil spray: you want to use hydrating oils of jojoba, but don’t have time to bathe? Do you find applying the oil directly on slippery or hard? Then try the skin so soft original bath oil spray. You will get all the hydration of the skin, reducing dryness, not irritating effects in a convenient 5 FL oz. bottle. This fresh herbal fragrance with a crisp herbal ingredients, reduce redness and gentle bath oil for sensitive skin. Body lotion: to make your skin softer than ever with skin so soft original body lotion. The smell is fresh and clean, with a bright, floral aroma and the infusion of herbs. This luxurious body lotion with jojoba oil retains moisture. Your skin looks and feels softer and firmer. It provides 24-hour moisturization and instantly leaves skin to look and feel well-groomed, conditioned and irresistible. 11.8 FL. OZ. Oil infused with foam for body wash: our signature oil blend with natural oils to gently help repel dirt and impurities for a refreshing effect. Lightweight foam cleanser is perfect for summer! Skin feels energized and hydrated. This foaming body wash comes in a 8.4 FL. OZ. bottle.

Valued at $38, includes:
Skin so soft original bath oil spray 5 FL. OZ.
Skin soft original body lotion, 11.8 FL. OZ.
Skin so soft original oil-infused foaming body wash, 8.4 FL. OZ.


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