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10x Skin So Soft Bath & Body Oil with Jojoba set

The body oil is suitable for use in a bath / shower or on dry skin!

After bathing with Skin So Soft Body Oil with Jojoba, your skin will feel as soft as a baby’s skin. No body lotion is needed anymore. It can also be used as a body oil after showering. It improves the skin of psoriasis patients.

This oil also repels mosquitoes (slightly greasier than the SSS oil spray) and is used by British soldiers, among others, also in Scotland for years after full satisfaction. The No.1 against mosquitoes and known throughout the world. Also recommended on the holiday fair. See the recommendation on

Try it yourself and deal with those annoying mosquito bumps. Especially during the holidays where you cannot always take adequate precautions, the Skin So Soft Body Oil with Jojoba is indispensable



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